Everyone Is Falling In Love With These Stop Motion BTS Videos Made By A Talented ARMY 

This requires serious dedication!

Twitter user @pomkozi is receiving tons of love from fellow ARMYs for her absolutely adorable stop motion videos featuring the members of BTS in cartoon form!

The homemade videos feature reenactments of the BTS members as their animal counterparts lipsyncing their respective voice clips…

…and the results are both ridiculously cute and addicting to watch!

@pomkozi shares behind-the-scenes photos on her Twitter account of how the intricate videos take a tremendous amount of work from beginning to end.

From creating the concept design and physically constructing the character…

The beginning stages of creating the Jungkook bunny model. | @pomkozi/Twitter

…to creating a variety of different mouths that are used for each syllable whenever the character speaks, it requires both a lot of time and skill!

293 frames, 12fps. animation took roughly 8-10 hours. here are the replacement mouths i made and used. there’s magnets on the backs

— @pomkozi

Different mouths used for each syllable. | @pomkozi/Twitter

Check out more of her amazing work below!