Why BTS’s Suga Could Drop A New Agust D Mixtape Sooner Than We Think

2021 comeback?

Will the king, the boss, the one and only Agust D be coming back in 2021?

Suga (Agust D)

On May 22, 2020, BTS‘s Suga released his second Agust D mixtape, D-2, four years after his first mixtape, AGUST D. In the days leading up to D-2, Suga and Big Hit Music (then Big Hit Entertainment) began dropping hints, including cryptic teaser images.

Twenty days before D-2, RM asked Suga about his mixtape’s release date on DJ Suga Honey FM 0.613, an audio-only broadcast. Suga revealed that he would not be releasing AGUST D 2 any time soon. “Not today or tomorrow,” he said. This turned out to be a subtle but major hint.

Now, nearly a year later, fans are on high alert for clues about Suga’s third mixtape, nicknamed D-3. Lately, Suga has been more active on Twitter and Weverse, dropping tweets and selfies much like he did before D-2 dropped.

Selfies that proceeded D-2. | @GirlWithLuv24/Twitter

Recently, BTS posted a photo of a speaker captioned, “New friend.” Some fans believed Jungkook was the uploader, while others attributed the post to Suga, who has referred to his music equipment as “friends” in the past. New equipment, new music?

Two days later, Suga tweeted a new selfie captioned, “The weather is nice~” This might seem random, but fan-detectives were quick to connect it to a similar post from last year.

Suga tweeted this photo less than a month before D-2′s release.

Of course, these “clues” could just be coincidences, but we know two things for sure. One is that Suga has plenty of finished, unreleased songs that fans are dying to hear.

| @agust_dreams/Twitter

Some of Suga’s songs have been released months or years after their completion.


The second thing we know is that BTS is rumored to be making a May comeback. In response to the rumors, Big Hit Music stated that the “artists’ plans will be revealed once everything has been finalized.” Could Agust D be part of those to-be finalized plans?

We’ll just have to wait and see!