BTS Suga’s Sword Dancing Isn’t As Easy As It Looks

Suga shares new details about sword dancing, including who he asked to be his teacher.

BTS‘s Suga picked up a new skill for his Agust D comeback: sword dancing!

In the music video for “Daechwita”, tyrant king Agust D carves the air with his blade in a way that is both graceful and lethal.

Every motion looks effortless, but that perfection didn’t come without hard work.

On May 27, Suga answered questions about “Daechwita” and his D-2 mixtape in a new interview for BangtanTV. What was it like to sword dance for the first time?

Agust D moves so swiftly that his weapon seems feather-light, but that’s wasn’t the case.

“When we were preparing props, I made a list of swords,” Suga explained. “It’s called hwando in Korean. I looked up Joseon hwando and collected about 20 images and sent them to the company to choose one. So, I use hwando that was made by a real sword craftsman.”

Real swords turned out to be real heavy! The sword’s blade was so cumbersome, in fact, that its steel needed to be switched out to a lighter metal, aluminum.

Handling the sword’s weight was only half the challenge though. In the music video’s “shooting sketch“, Suga said that he had to learn his sword dance in only two days.

Who taught Agust D to do it? On Weverse, Suga revealed that he had originally asked Jimin to teach him. Jimin has kendo training, but unfortunately, he wasn’t able to help Suga out.

“I asked him to teach me a sword dance,” Suga wrote. “but he told me he didn’t know how to do it.”

For more, watch the full interview here.