BTS ARMY Are Extra Emotional Two K-Pop Groups Attended Suga’s “Agust D Tour” Day 1 Concert In Seoul

“… It just hits different.”

BTS‘s Suga just held the first day of his Agust D Tour concert in Seoul.

BTS’s Suga during his “Agust D Tour” in Singapore | @agustd/Instagram

ARMY were incredibly excited to see Suga’s dynamic stages and powerful performances.

And while Suga did not, as fans had hoped, perform a collaboration stage of his track “Tony Montana” with Jimin

Multiple Korean celebrities did attend the concert. For instance, PSY appeared at the concert to perform his song with Suga, “That That.”

BTS’s fellow HYBE labelmates LE SSERAFIM and ENHYPEN also attended the concert.

TXT also reportedly attended the concert, although this has yet to be confirmed.

While fans were already understandably excited to see the support of the HYBE family…

They were extra emotional that the groups saw Suga perform “Snooze.”

Not only does “Snooze” refer to words Suga had already shared with ENHYPEN…

But in general, the song is intended to comfort younger artists through the difficulties of the K-Pop industry.

Fans are looking forward to all the celebrities that will also attend the second day of the concert.

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