BTS’s Jungkook Stops By Suga’s Live Stream To Sing Happy Birthday To Him

Happy birthday to Suga!

BTS’s Suga, whose birthday falls on March 9, turned on a live broadcast to celebrate with fans.

Just as he started his live stream, golden maknae Jungkook made a brief appearance to sing Happy Birthday to Suga. While Suga wore his ‘jjangjjangman’ hat, Jungkook wore sunglasses and sang happy birthday to him before taking off again.

He also let fans know that he ate seawood soup, a traditional food that Koreans eat on their birthday.

As for an update on his shoulder surgery, he assured fans that he was doing much better and that could lift his arm all the way up now.

Suga also stated that because of ARMYs, he felt that his birthday became more special.

Watch the live stream below!