BTS’s Suga Can’t Stop Talking About Jimin With BIGBANG’s Taeyang During “Suchwita”

Even when he is sitting before his idol, Suga is always thinking about his teammates.

BTS‘s Suga recently hosted BIGBANG member Taeyang on his YouTube show, Suchwita. The two artists discussed music, life, and of course, Taeyang’s collaboration with Jimin on “VIBE.” While most of the episode saw Suga fanboying over his guest, he also took his time in appreciating Jimin, proving how well he knows his teammate in the process.

| @BTS_official/Twitter

While talking about the collaboration process, Taeyang shared that Jimin was even more detail-oriented than him. The BTS member ended up doing almost 15 takes, which Taeyang found very impressive.

Suga jumped on the opportunity to praise his teammate, saying that his eye for perfection is almost scary. He explained that Jimin started out as a dancer and began to sing only when he joined as a trainee. So, he has worked very hard to polish his skills as a vocalist. Suga described Jungkook‘s working style as more effortless, whereas Jimin is tenacious.

That’s what’s scary about Jimin. Jungkook is kind of the genius type. I’m not saying he doesn’t work hard but he has a lot of natural talent. And Jimin worked really hard for it. He’s a genius in a different way.

—Suga, Suchwita

This sincerity towards his art is also reflected in the other anecdote Suga shared about Jimin while he was working on “VIBE.” As Taeyang explained, the choreography was pretty new to both him and Jimin, and the two struggled a bit to get a full grasp on it. According to Suga, Jimin kept practicing despite easily getting muscle cramps. He was always in the practice room, perfecting his moves.

Lastly, Suga said that Jimin has studied Taeyang as an artist for a long time, revealing that he is extremely good at mimicking Taeyang’s voice and speech.

At one point during the episode, the rapper very nonchalantly stated that the BTS members are like genuine brothers. The way he kept praising Jimin whenever he got the chance only showed how deeply he meant what he said.

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