BTS’s Suga Showed The Most Commendable Fan Etiquette Through His Thoughtful Action For His Favorite Designer


In a recent interview, Korean designer Woo Youngmi shared a story of how BTS‘s Suga left an impression on her not too long ago.

Designer Woo Youngmi | The Korea Herald

Woo recalled that Suga attended the wedding of her youngest daughter as a guest, and he donned a full WOOYOUNGMI (Woo’s brand) outfit for the occasion.

I was aware that BTS usually wear our clothes a lot, but I heard that he (Suga) came wearing a full WOOYOUNGMI outfit from head to toe that day.

—Woo Youngmi

From what he heard, Suga was determined to show Woo that he is a fan of her work and had been planning his outfit from the day before the wedding. But he never actually approached the designer during the event.

Woo admitted that during the wedding, she felt somewhat self-conscious about the pink Hanbok she was wearing that day.

To be honest, I found my appearance a little awkward that day. The clothes were something I usually don’t wear, but since it was an event where my daughter was the main character, I wore it accirdungly.

—Woo Youngmi

Apparently, Suga sensed this and didn’t approach the designer on purpose. Woo was later informed by her daughter about the BTS member’s kind consideration.

Later, when I heard the whole story from my daughter, she said he didn’t come to greet me on purpose in case I might feel uncomfortable. She told me that he had said ‘It’s a bummer but now doesn’t seem to be the right time to greet him.” The fact that he sensed that and was considerate enough made me think ‘He’s quite an attentive person.’

—Woo Youngmi

Fans are touched by this acknowledgement of Suga by an artist he genuinely adores. On many occasions, Suga has been seen wearing WOOYOUNGMI clothing pieces, be it on screen or at airports. Many ARMYs guessed that the head-to-toe WOOYOUNGMI look was the one Suga posted in September on his Instagram.

Suga wearing a WOOYOUNGMI outfit during a soundcheck| @sugascloset/Instagram
Suga donning WOOYOUNGMI in the “Yet To Come” music video | @sugascloset/Instagram

Suga is not only an exemplary musician, but his fan etiquette is also something worth learning from!



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