BTS Suga’s “D-Day” Producer Shares His Unexpected First Impression Of The Rapper

His honest answer has taken aback fans.

As a part of the promotions for his solo album D-DayBTS member Suga has been hosting his radio show on Apple Music called SUGA | Agust D Radio. The show’s third episode premiered on May 2, KST, featuring a very prominent producer as the guest.

The producer in question has worked with BTS and Suga on multiple hit tracks, including “Ddaeng,” “Daechwita,” “Telepathy,” “Respect,” and multiple songs on D-Day, including “People Pt 2,” “HUH?” and “SDL.” His name is Jang Yi Jeong, known better as El Capitxn. Some older ARMYs might also recognize his old alias, J.Pearl.

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After producing the beat for “Ddaeng,” El Capitxn became an in-house producer for BIGHIT MUSIC, and he usually works the most with Suga. The two share a friendly relationship even outside of work, given that they are the same age. In fact, IU had previously shared that Suga, EL Capitxn, and she are pretty close as friends, and they decided to work together on “Eight” over a casual hangout.

The Friendship Between BTS’s Suga And IU Goes Way Back Than What The Public Knows

Suga has always been frank about his admiration for EL Capitxn’s work, and most of his solo works include a significant amount of collaboration between the two. But during this radio show, fans got a glimpse of their funny dynamic outside of work.

While talking about the songs they have made together so far, Suga complimented El Capitxn, saying he relies on his producing skills quite a lot. He, too, praised Suga’s incredible work ethic, especially during the song camp at Pyeongchang.

Before diving into the making process of D-Day, Suga talked about the first time he met El Capitxn in 2016. The two got in touch through a mutual friend, and he had sent Suga a demo. The producer chimed in, saying that their first meeting was over a meal of Pyeongyang naengmyeon, and at that time, the BTS member didn’t really leave a good impression on him.

Suga confessed that he was pretty cold back then, as it was a time of severe hardships for BTS. But when they started working together on “Ddaeng,” he realized El Capitxn had true potential. The respect grew mutually on both sides eventually.

The fact that they got off to a rocky start but developed such a close friendship over time fits right into Suga’s lore, whom fans have come to know as an introverted but extremely warm-hearted person. Even from the past accounts of Suga from BTS’s juniors, TXT, it is clear that the rapper has always had a tsundere type of personality on the surface, but once people get to know him, they can’t contain their admiration.

The universe really did its trick, making the initial hiccup of Suga and El Capitxn’s friendship smooth out because a world without “Ddaeng” or “Daechwita” would not have aged well.

Source: SUGA | Agust D Radio


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