BTS’s Suga Drives Netizens Wild As He Shows Off His Long Hair At The Airport

ARMYs are now on a mission to keep him from cutting it!

BTS‘s Suga showed off his long hair at the airport on his way to Japan, leaving ARMYs absolutely shook.

BTS’s Suga

While fans love every look Suga serves, it’s safe to say his long hair is definitely one of the favorites…

…if not the favorite!

As Suga grew it out, it constantly got ARMY’s attention…

…and now its popularity may have reached unprecedented heights. Suga arrived at Incheon Airport wearing an all-black outfit, though his hair was covered by a beanie.

Once he was inside, he had to remove his mask for passport control, showing off his natural visuals.

He then removed his hat to reveal his long hair…

…and sent the internet into meltdown.

Now, ARMYs are on a hilarious mission to keep him from cutting his hair!

Of course, ARMYs can’t be blamed. This look is definitely one for the history books, so hopefully, it will be here to stay.

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And watch the full video of Suga’s arrival at the airport on the link below.