BTS’s Suga Shows ARMY His Guitar Skills And Fancy “Pajamas”

He practiced “Dynamite” and more, in style.

When does ARMY sleep? Never, thanks to BTSBig Hit Entertainment, and a flood of surprise content.

| Big Hit Entertainment/Vlive

Comeback season is officially upon us, which means that new teasers for BE, live broadcasts, and more can drop anywhere at any time. Today, Jungkook and Suga both went live with fans, just a day after Jimin filmed his I’m here” broadcast.

| Big Hit Entertainment/Vlive

Suga greeted ARMY with a fresh perm and a snazzy black outfit that had fans wondering what he’s been up to behind the scenes. Oh, this old thing? It’s just pajamas.

For a hot minute, some fans wondered if Suga really slept in a tailored blazer and slacks, but no. He was just joking, as usual.

Did he just come from a wedding? Nope, but his outfit certainly wouldn’t look out of place at one.

Once the number of viewers hit 1 million, Suga revealed the reason why he decided to film a live today. He had been practicing guitar, but he wanted to continue his practice with ARMY.

After playing part of “Dynamite”, Suga asked fans for requests.

They suggested “Spring Day”, “Mikrokosmos”, “Seesaw”, “Boy With Luv”, “Stay Gold”, and more BTS songs.

Suga began playing guitar in late July, but he’s already learned so much since then. Fans love seeing his progress, and they hope to see (hear?) more updates from him in the future!