“We’re Nobody…”: Why BTS Remain As Humble As Ever, According To Suga

Even at the top, they’re as down-to-earth as before.

No matter how many achievements, awards, etc., BTS remain as humble as they were pre-debut. While all the members are successful millionaires now, the group literally started from nothing.


Not only ARMYs know how BTS started from the bottom. Fellow artists who have known them for years can say that the BTS members are just as humble as on day 1.

Now, BTS’s Suga has shared his mindset, revealing how the members remain humble despite everything.


Suga is the featured cover model for the recent special edition issue of Marie Claire Korea. So, besides a photoshoot, he did an interview. Like many, the interviewer was curious about the mindset of one of the top K-Pop idols.

You probably experienced the most dramatic rise to success among the Korean artists, let alone idols. Many people can ‘exceed expectations,’ but only few can climb up to the ‘top of the world.’

Marie Claire Korea

Suga explained that no matter how successful BTS have gotten, they don’t view themselves as “on top” because they know they could just as easily “go downhill” as uphill. So, no matter what, they choose to live each day with gratitude.

When I was younger, I used to feel scared of success. As things started going beyond my expectations, I began to feel a sense of fear, but now I don’t dwell on it too much. BTS as a team has its feet firmly on the ground. We don’t live the life of so-called ‘superstars.’ We don’t believe we’re at the peak, and we know we could always go downhill too. Rather than striving and suffering to maintain a status, we choose to live gratefully, reminding ourselves that we have fans who support and cheer for us.

— Suga

Not many people can view such things with that level of coolness and maturity. So, the interviewer followed up by asking how he remains so calm.

I’m curious how you can be so calm. I faced a lot of failures, and I think those failures altogether brought the success. I was so afraid of failing, but now I just focus on every moment of my life, thinking ‘so be it.’ How difficult life would be if it’s always going up. I hope people don’t suffer too much when they face a downhill in life.

Marie Claire Korea

Suga explained that when it comes to the group’s achievements specifically, he doesn’t view it in terms of numbers. Rather, he believes it’s all about mutual communication with people.

BTS’s huge achievement cannot be solely explained by numbers. What do you focus on in your achievements? Isn’t all things in life, including music and even this interview, a communication between people? In the end, you can’t really separate relationships from life. In both good and stressful moments, there are always ‘people.’

— Suga


Finally, the Marie Claire interviewer asked if Suga had any tips to leave us with, particularly on finding a life balance.

BTS is constantly exploring new horizons, which will lead to new experiences. It makes me think that finding a balance will be ever more important. Perhaps maintaining a balance is what life is all about. I’m curious to hear if you have any tips of your own.

Marie Claire Korea

Suga revealed that he is very conscious of humbleness and speaks about it with his fellow BTS members. They recognize that they need ARMYs to be where they are.

I consciously try to humble myself. That way, even in the worst cases, I can console myself by thinking, ‘I knew it’ or ‘I wasn’t good enough.’ I’ve been discussing this with other members for quite some time. We say that we’re nobody without our fans, so we have to work for the people who love us. I constantly remind myself that I always have a lot to learn to maintain a sense of balance. This does not mean that I’m striving and suffering to fill in the gap because I’m lacking. It’s more like accepting and acknowledging it. Focusing on the fact that we can work for those who love us naturally makes us live a balanced life.

— Suga

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Source: Marie Claire Korea


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