Here’s Why BTS’s J-Hope Finds Suga’s Sleeping Habits Hilarious

He does something strange!

As a BTS member who leads a busy and productive life, sleep is very important to Suga!

Whether he’s in a waiting room or just has some time to spare, he always makes sure to get in some shut-eye whenever he can.

Beware: If you wake him, you’ll suffer the consequences!

Not only do ARMYs find this endearing, but so do his fellow BTS members.

During Season 2 of JTBC’s In The SOOP, Suga decided to get some rest and was relaxing in bed while looking at his phone.

The pose is definitely relatable to a lot of people! However, without even getting a chance to put the phone down, his eyes began to close. Soon, he fell asleep, phone in hand!

The hilarious sight was even funny to J-Hope who responded to a fan who posted the photo on Weverse.

This hyung really sleeps like this…😂

— J-Hope

| Weverse

ARMYs don’t mind seeing Suga get some rest on the show since it’s clear it’s what he loves to do.

He rests well and plays well!