BTS’s Suga And Jimin Played Tricks On Fans’ Eyes At The Airport Again

Their outfits were strikingly similarities.

It’s time to play the who’s who game again with BTS‘s Suga and Jimin!


Lately, Suga has switched up his usual airport fashion (i.e. bucket hats and baggy FG shirts) for outfits that could be straight out of Jimin’s closet. This caused some confusion on December 3, when BTS arrived at the airport to fly to Nagoya, Japan for the 2019 Melon Music Awards. 


Suga wore a sophisticated, all-black outfit accessorized with a cross-bag, a Chanel belt, and a surgical mask.


Jimin also wore black, with a cross-bag, a surgical mask, and a nearly identical hat.


The biggest “spot the difference” between their outfits was Jimin’s eyewear. Unlike Jimin, Suga rarely, if ever, sports sunglasses at the airport.


From up close, it’s easy to tell Suga and Jimin apart…


…but from afar, they look much more similar, depending on the distance and angle.


Fans’ eyes played tricks on them!


Even Suga and Jimin seemed to notice their similarities!


This isn’t the first time fans confused Jimin and Suga at the airport. Back in April, Suga and Jimin looked so similar that even veteran ARMYs couldn’t believe their eyes!

Suga Played Tricks On Everyone’s Eyes At Incheon International Airport