BTS’s Jimin And J-Hope Celebrate Suga’s Birthday With Heartfelt Posts

They’re so sweet!

As part of their tradition, some of the BTS members celebrated Suga‘s birthday by posting various photos and videos congratulating him! Check out everything they uploaded on his special day below.

As always, J-Hope posted his congrats for him on social media. Surprisingly, he went with a throwback selfie from 2011! Taken over a decade ago, the adorable boys were only kids back then.

Yoonki hyung, happy birthdaaayy!!!

2011 vibe…

— J-Hope

Suga and J-Hope | @BTS_twt/Twitter

Meanwhile, Jimin took to Weverse to post a video with the caption, “LOL happy birthday, my/our hyung.”

In the video, Jimin removed his makeup and sang along to Suga singing “Happy Birthday” in his livestream.

Then, he decided to flip the camera around and film Suga at a less than flattering angle.

He looks like he doesn’t care that much that it’s his birthday *Laughing*

— Jimin

Additionally, the members celebrated by entering the chat during his livestream! Check it out below.

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