BTS’s Suga And Jimin Played “Who’s Who” At The Airport Again

These new airport photos might make you do a double take.

It’s time to play the who’s who game again with Suga and Jimin!


For several months, these two BTS members have played tricks on everyone’s eyes at the airport. It began in April 2019, when Suga first started switching out his bucket hats and baggy FG shirts for outfits that could be straight out of Jimin’s closet.


Even veteran fans mistook Suga for Jimin on April 10, when BTS arrived to fly to New York for Saturday Night Live.


On December 3, Suga and Jimin’s outfits confused fans yet again when BTS arrived at the airport to fly to Nagoya, Japan for the 2019 Melon Music Awards. 


It looks like the “who’s who” game will continue in 2020! On January 2, BTS arrived home from New York City, following their New Year’s Eve performance in Times Square.


Jimin and Suga wore matching all-black outfits, black hats, and face masks that made some fans do a doubletake.


Who is who? Answer: Jimin is wearing the baseball cap…


…and Suga is wearing the newsboy hat.


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