BTS’s Suga And Jimin React To The Highlight Moment Of “Agust D” Concert In Newark

“We didn’t have this at our concert…”

On April 30, KST, BTS‘s Suga completed the third stop of his SUGA | Agust D world tour, and much to ARMYs’ surprise, Jimin was present in the audience.

The Newark show witnessed some unexpected moments, such as Suga’s guitar string breaking mid-performance and clarifying that he would accept only Samsung phones from the audience to film himself and “no iPhones.”

But some things remained unchanged from the previous two concerts, including ARMYs singing along with him for most songs from start to finish, and of course, the infamous barking.

It all started at the first concert at UBS Arena, New York when the audience suddenly started barking at Suga when he was in between songs. Though surprised at first, he quickly started nodding along, encouraging the next show’s audience to do the same. Suga was taken aback again and jokingly asked fans if they got trained somewhere. Fans responded hilariously, saying they got inspired by BTS themselves.

So, when the audience started barking at his third show, Suga was used to it. Jimin, however, was not. After the show, the duo did a Weverse livestream from the hotel, where they talked about their experiences at the concert. While trying to coax Jimin into performing “Tony Montana” with him at one of his tour stops, Suga suddenly brought up the topic of ARMY’s “feral” response to his live performances.

He asked Jimin if he had noticed that the audience was barking at him, and of course, he did. Jimin seemed surprised to see this side of their fans, noting that they never did anything like this during any of BTS’s performances.

Suga explained that the audience started doing it out of nowhere, but luckily, he didn’t mind. In fact, as fans had suspected, he finds it very amusing.

Well, it is a relief to know that he is enjoying this new character arc of ARMYs. After all, it is the least they can do to keep him from feeling homesick and missing Holly…


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