BTS’s Suga Has Zero Interest In Being Jimin’s Roommate

This match wasn’t meant to be “In the SOOP”.

BTS‘s Suga loves hanging out with Jimin during the day, but at night?

He’d rather not.

On August 20 (KST), the first episode of “In the SOOP” premiered on Weverse. In this episode, BTS settled into their forest getaway for a stay-cation. This quiet lakehouse isn’t going to stay quiet for long, now that BTS has arrived!

As usual, the first order of business was choosing rooms and roommates. Jimin wanted to stay in the “Upper House” bedroom, and Suga was his first choice of roommates.

He was hoping that they could play games, but Suga’s inner grandpa wasn’t interested in pulling an all-nighter with today’s youth.

“I’ll sleep in the camper van,” Suga replied. “so you sleep here.” Forget sharing a room, he didn’t want to share a whole house with Jimin!

Jimin was unbothered, but the show’s editors seemed a little confused…

| Big Hit Entertainment/Weverse

…and fans don’t know whether to laugh or cry!

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