BTS’s Suga And Jimin Turn Up To Support RM’s “Indigo” But It Ended With A Hilarious Outcome

The results left them speechless.

To celebrate the release of his new album Indigo, BTS‘s RM decided to try out cyanotype printing in a new behind-the-scenes video on the group’s YouTube channel BANGTANTV. But unlike his other promotional content, this one had two special guests accompanying RM: Suga and Jimin, the two “hottest people in Korea.”

Cyanotype is one of the oldest methods of photography printing using chemically coated paper and sunlight. The process is straightforward- you put objects you want to print on paper and leave them in the sunlight. The paper then absorbs the blue light spectrum and produces cyan-toned prints when developed with water.

Since Indigo includes a lot of cyanotype artwork, RM himself decided to try it out for authenticity with Suga and Jimin. RM took the lead and went first. He made a few prints with flowers and tree branches.

Suga and Jimin followed with their own designs. Jimin decided to make things a little artistic and went for a print that could emulate a single ray of light. Suga kept things a little simpler with flowers and the title of the album.

When the three came back to check on their artwork, the papers had changed color, but none of the designs came out very clear except one. When the BTS members went to develop the prints, the color completely faded, and they were left with what Suga called “just A4 papers.”

Though the cyanotype prints were a fail thanks to the lack of enough sunlight, their humor made up for it. Jimin joked that he won’t be taking his masterpiece home, but instead, he will “donate it.”

The video ended with a classic Suga-Jimin bickering. They decided to say goodbye with a final chant of “Indigo.” When RM shouted “Indi-” Suga and Jimin followed with “go!” But Jimin thought Suga didn’t say it out loud and teased him, making him whine out in defense.

The trio might not have gotten their desired cyanotype results, but fans are elated to see the BTS members together on screen.


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