BTS Suga’s Upcoming “Suchwita” Guest Has ARMYs Emotional

It’s Suga’s only hyung!

BTS Suga‘s guest for Episode 12 of Suchwita has been revealed, and naturally, ARMYs are excited!

A teaser for the upcoming episode of Suga’s online drinking interview show Suchwita has been released. Despite the censorship of the guest’s face, there’s no denying that it’s Suga’s one and only hyung, Jin!

In the brief video, there are already many moments that have ARMYs emotional. The eternal roommates’ brotherhood is so admirable.

Jin also filmed the episode four days before enlisting for mandatory military service. He had such a busy schedule before enlistment just so that ARMYs would be left with lots of content while he was away.

We couldn’t think of a better Suchwita episode to release for BTS’s 10th anniversary. It will release during FESTA on June 10 at 10 PM KST.


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