Apple Music Drops AGUST D Comeback Photo For BTS’s Suga

After 4 years, AGUST D is back.

After four long years, it seems that A to the G to the U to the S-T-D is about to make his comeback!

On May 17, Big Hit Entertainment began dropping daily teaser images in a countdown that had BTS fans buzzing. For nearly a week, fans have been collecting clues, analyzing images, and debating whether the countdown is for Suga‘s comeback as AGUST D or Jungkook‘s first mixtape. Now, the secret is out!

Fans assumed that there’s would be one more day for Big Hit Entertainment’s countdown, but on “D-2”, May 21, Apple Music updated AGUST D’s official profile image with this one.

It should be noted that Apple Music allows artists to change their own images, meaning that Suga or Big Hit Entertainment most likely updated the page themselves.

In it, Suga is wearing the same clothing seen in the teaser images.

Suga’s first mixtape AGUST D was released on August 15, 2016. He originally planned to drop the sequel to AGUST D in 2019, but ended up delaying its release to work on the music more.

Fans are still waiting for an official announcement from BTS’s agency, but it doesn’t seem like they will be waiting much longer!