BTS’s Suga Is Keeping The Name Of His Perfume A Secret And The Reason Why Is Too Real

Suga’s honest response is iconic.

BTS‘s Suga recently held a live broadcast to connect with ARMY and give fans an update on what he’s been up to lately.

BTS’s Suga | @agustd/Instagram

He took time to answer fan questions and charmed ARMYs with his witty responses and love for his fellow members. 

When asked about J-Hope‘s historic Lollapalooza performance, Suga couldn’t help but compliment his fellow group member.

It goes without saying, right? He’s a stadium singer after all.

— Suga

BTS’s J-Hope performing at Lollapalooza 2022

He also touched on his recent individual vlog, where he showed off his newly acquired woodworking skills, crafting whale-shaped cutting boards for each BTS member.

When asked if he chose a whale because of the popular Korean drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo, he explained that it wasn’t because of the show but because whales actually have a lot of meaning to the group.

BTS’s Suga creating the whale cutting boards | @agustd/Instagram

| @agustd/Instagram

When he wasn’t showing love for his fellow BTS members, he was showing love for his fans.

During his live, a fan asked him for perfume recommendations, to which Suga had a hilarious and very real response. He began by explaining he doesn’t often use perfume, but when he does, he uses one that was gifted to him by a fan.

| @luvboxsmilev/Twitter

Even though the fan was looking for the name of the perfume, that was one detail he couldn’t reveal, but he had a good reason.

If I say it, I feel like I won’t be able to get it anymore, so I won’t say it.

— Suga

He’s, of course, referring to the “BTS effect” of consistently selling out products they’re seen with or turning local businesses into hot spots

His perfume brand wasn’t the only secret he kept; he finally addressed his friendship tattoo. Check out the article below for his iconic response when asked to reveal its location.

BTS’s Suga Cheekily Teases ARMYs About The Location Of His “7” Friendship Tattoo

Source: Twitter