Here’s The Wise Life Lesson That BTS’s Suga Lives By

He shared his story with ARMYs.

After their long-awaited return to Las Vegas, the BTS members came prepared with sentimental speeches for ARMYs who they missed so much. Suga made an impact on many fans for his profound and wise words.

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He reflected on BTS’s journey throughout the past few years and how nobody could have predicted the events of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Two years ago, I had no idea that we’d still be wearing our masks. We made “ON,” then we went back to Korea, and we thought we’d be able to perform in about 3 or 4 months. We couldn’t perform for a year, two years and then now we can finally perform. It’s actually really moving.

— Suga

Thinking back, he reflected on their rise to fame in the U.S. and their big breakthrough at the 2017 American Music Awards.

So I was really reminded of the first time we came to Las Vegas in 2017. At the time with the AMAs, that was really our ‘debut’ in the U.S.

— Suga

From there, the path they followed became history!

And then who would have imagined we’d be filling stadiums, getting awards at the AMAs, nominated for a GRAMMY, two years of the pandemic, and then here.

— Suga

All of this taught him a valuable lesson that’s true in any facet of life.

So I think if there’s something that we got out of the pandemic, it’s that the moment you try to control things that are out of your control, that’s when things get tough.

— Suga

Life is unpredictable and can’t be controlled. That’s why it’s best to just enjoy the ride!

So this is what we want to do: We just want to go with you together like the wind blows, like the water flows. Just be with you and see what happens.

— Suga

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Both BTS and ARMY know this valuable rule all too well. Simply enjoying the moment is the key to being content!

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