BTS’s Suga Questions His Influence As An NBA Ambassador, But ARMYs Strongly Disagree

Suga spills on what he thinks about his new ambassadorship.

BTS‘s Suga was named the NBA‘s (National Basketball Association) ambassador in April, an achievement that was a “dream come true” for the talented global artist.

While it’s easy for ARMYs to understand why the NBA would want to join forces with Suga, the artist himself remains humble and perplexed by his recent appointment.

BTS’s Suga posing with a custom Los Angeles Lakers jersey | @agustd/Instagram

Suga has been a basketball fan since he was a kid and a talented player. His stage name was even derived from “Shooting Guard,” the position he used to play.

Music and basketball have been shared passions of mine since my youth, and it’s a dream to be named an NBA Ambassador. I’m excited to formalize my relationship with the NBA, and I can’t wait to share some exciting collaborations I have planned with the league over the coming months.

— BTS’s Suga

| @agustd/Instagram

In two recent interviews, Suga expressed his gratitude while questioning why the NBA would approach him for a partnership, and ARMYs couldn’t disagree more with the BTS member’s reasoning.

While in LA, Suga sat down with radio personality JoJo Wright and talked about his new ambassadorship.

I’m very happy to be the ambassador for the NBA, but I don’t know what I can offer since the NBA is more famous than I am… maybe my fans can find interests in NBA or basketball because of me. I think that’s why I became an NBA ambassador.

— BTS’s Suga

In a separate interview with Jimmy Fallon, Suga expressed the same concern after Fallon asked him about his role as an NBA ambassador.

When Suga again shared that he was honored by the decision but wondered why they needed an ambassador by asking, “Isn’t the NBA more famous than I am?” The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon crowd, and Fallon answered with a resounding “No!”

ARMYs rushed to assure Suga that he’s perfect for the job and was chosen as the NBA’s ambassador for a reason. Many shared that they grew interested in basketball because of Suga’s influence, and some even attended their first game after he was appointed as an ambassador.

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