10+ Moments That Prove BTS’s Suga Was Destined To Become NBA Ambassador

It was always meant to be!

BTS‘s Suga has been appointed as the ambassador of the NBA (National Basketball Association), which the K-Pop rapper described as a “dream come true.” 

Music and basketball have been shared passions of mine since my youth, and it’s a dream to be named an NBA Ambassador. I’m excited to formalize my relationship with the NBA, and I can’t wait to share some exciting collaborations I have planned with the league over the coming months.

— Suga

Suga has been a longtime fan of basketball, so it’s well-deserved. Here are 10+ moments that prove he was destined to be the global ambassador for the NBA.

1. Suga has dreamed of playing basketball professionally since childhood.

He gave up on the dream due to his “short” height.


2.  When Suga proved his basketball skills in the 2015 ISAC (also known as the 2015 Idol Star Athletics Championships)

3. His stage name, Suga, is derived from his basketball position, “Shooting Guard.” 

4. When he went to the Los Angeles Lakers game with MAX

5. When Suga made up a story about a guy who dreamed of playing in the NBA

6. When he let the maknaes beat him in basketball

7. When Suga went to the Los Angeles Clippers game 

Suga and the LA Clippers mascot Chuck. | @chuckthecondor/Instagram

8. When he told Vogue Korea that he “lives” for the NBA 

I prefer the underdogs to the big teams. …It’s the NBA season. This is what I live for these days.

— Suga

This earned him a shoutout from The Portland Trail Blazers and their star player Damian Lillard.

9. When Suga went to Japan for The 2022 NBA Japan Games to watch the Golden State Warriors play against the Washington Wizards from courtside seats and meet the players 

Not to mention how he became a “referee” while attending the game!

10. When Suga included basketball in music videos, specifically “Dynamite” and “No More Dream”

11. When he flexed his basketball skills on variety shows

12. When Suga included a basketball in multiple photoshoots

| Hyundai
| Puma

13. When Suga wore Chicago Bulls jerseys for concerts

14. When he wore New York Knicks jersey in the “DNA” MV

15. When Suga attended a Los Angeles Lakers vs. Dallas Mavericks game and posed with his custom jersey 

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