NBA All-Star Damian Lillard Delivers Heartfelt Message To His Biggest Fan BTS’s Suga

Suga is officially the most successful fan of all time.

Anyone who knows BTS‘s Suga knows that there’s no bigger basketball fan than him.

BTS’s Suga | Hyundai

He displays his love for the game wherever he goes…

In fact, even his stage name “Suga” comes from his love for basketball. The name is made up of the first two parts of the words: shooting guard, which is the position he plays in basketball.

Suga (in red) playing basketball.

He manages to fit in basketball concepts in photoshoots…

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…and music videos…

He’s often sported jerseys, often of NBA (The National Basketball Association) teams he likes, in performances, music videos, and just in daily life.

Naturally, whenever he visits the United States, he manages to go to at least one NBA game during the trip.

In his recent trip to Los Angeles, California, he’s been spotted at a LA Clippers game.

Suga and the LA Clippers mascot Chuck. | @chuckthecondor/Instagram

Having seen Suga in a variety of jerseys and attending games for many teams, one may be confused as to who his favorite team is. Finally, just last week, he revealed in his interview with Vogue Korea for BTS’s special edition feature who he is currently pulling for. Hint: it’s not actually the Clippers.

He may go see the Los Angeles teams Lakers and Clippers when he’s visiting,  but he is not as much a fan of such mainstream teams such as these as some may assume. Instead, he prefers the “underdogs,” specifically The Portland Trail Blazers and their star player Damian Lillard.

The Portland Trail Blazers. I prefer the underdogs to the big teams. …It’s the NBA season. This is what I live for these days.

— Suga

Damian Lillard (center). | @trailblazers/Twitter

When the Trail Blazers saw Suga’s kind words about them, they gave him a shoutout.

That’s not all. His favorite player, Damian Lillard himself, also shared a video, responding to Suga’s words about him and the team.

What’s up, Suga? It’s Dame Lillard. I had a chance to see your article; somebody sent it to me. I appreciate your words.

— Damian Lillard

| @trailblazers/Twitter

He was especially touched that Suga considers him to be his favorite player.

I don’t take it lightly to be somebody’s favorite player, but when they a fan of our team and something that I care so much about, you know that mean something to me. So, I appreciate your words. I appreciate you being a fan of mine and showing me love.

— Damian Lillard

| @trailblazers/Twitter  

Lillard also gave a thoughtful response to Suga’s statement of preferring underdogs. Being both an “underdog” and a “trailblazer” are things these two men can relate to.

You know, part of being an underdog is, you know, to know that a lot of people don’t share the way you think. So the fact that you appreciate my underdog status and how I go about my business and, you know, the things that I want to accomplish.

— Damian Lillard

| @trailblazers/Twitter

The NBA star concluded his message, sending his love to the rapper from far away. Additionally, he wishes for them to meet one day.

It means a lot to me, especially you being so far away. So, thank you, much love to you. I look forward to meeting you. Peace.

— Damian Lillard

| @trailblazers/Twitter

Along with Lillard, we really hope that these two talented and hardworking men can meet soon!

Check out Damian’s full message for Suga here:

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Source: @trailblazers (1) and (2)

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