BTS’s Basketball-Lover Suga’s Favorite NBA Team Is Not What You Might Think It Is

He finally revealed his favorite team and player!

BTS‘s Suga is one of the biggest basketball fans we know.

BTS’s Suga wearing Chicago Bulls jersey.

His love for basketball was even portrayed in the music video for BTS’s hit song “Dynamite.”

Suga in “Dynamite” MV.

He also wore a “Tune Squad” jersey from the iconic Space Jam film franchise.

Suga in “Dynamite” MV.

Actually, the stage name “Suga” comes from his love for basketball. The name is made up of the first two parts of the words: shooting guard, which is the position he plays in basketball.

Suga (in red) playing basketball.

He’s often sported jerseys, often of NBA (The National Basketball Association) teams he likes, in performances, music videos, and just in daily life.

Suga wearing Chicago Bulls jersey.
Suga wearing New York Knicks jersey in “DNA” MV. | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

When he visits the United States, you’re guaranteed to find him at an NBA game.

In his recent trip to Los Angeles, California, he’s been spotted at a LA Clippers game.

Suga and the LA Clippers mascot Chuck. | @chuckthecondor/Instagram

Those of us who are not from North America have no loyalty to a city or state team, so we may travel from team to team on varying factors, such as a player. So, Suga’s current favorite team and player has remained a mystery until now.

| Puma

In his interview with Vogue Korea for BTS’s special edition feature, he finally revealed who he is currently pulling for, and it’s not the Clippers.

While he goes to games for the Los Angeles teams Lakers and Clippers when he’s in town, he is not really as much a fan of popular or mainstream teams such as these as some believe. Instead, he is a fan of “underdogs,” specifically The Portland Trail Blazers and their star player Damian Lillard.

The Portland Trail Blazers. I prefer the underdogs to the big teams.

— Suga

Damian Lillard (center). | @trailblazers/Twitter

We can’t help but think how fitting it is that Suga is a fan of the Portland Trail Blazers, considering he is a trailblazer himself!

Previously, Suga had said Allen Iverson was his favorite NBA player and for the same reason. This legendary player has been retired for a few years now.

Vogue Korea divulged that his face lit up as Suga talked of his interests, such as the NBA. “SUGA’s face has never looked brighter. He looks relaxed and composed, exuding a sense of calm confidence, which has replaced a dark cloud of tension.” 

It’s so good to see Suga be truly happy and just enjoy the simple things in life, such as being able to root for one’s favorite team. As they say, “celebrities are just like us,” including even the members of the world’s biggest boy band. Like ARMY, they too are in fandoms of their own.

It’s the NBA season. This is what I live for these days.

— Suga

One main difference remains. Not every fan can say that their favorite band or, in this case, the team is a fan of theirs too!

Suga is truly a successful fan!

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Source: Vogue Korea

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