BTS’s Suga Becomes A “Referee” At The NBA Japan Games After Calling A Traveling Violation From His Seat

Suga can now add “refereeing” to his long list of talents 🏀

BTS‘s Suga was living his best life at the NBA Japan Games, watching the Golden State Warriors play against the Washington Wizards from courtside seats.

BTS’s Suga sitting courtside at the NBA Japan Games | @warriors_jp/Twitter

Even before the event started, Suga was making headlines as he met the Golden State Warriors players, passing out signed PROOF albums as he shook hands with the team members.

The Warriors point guard Stephen Curry gifted Suga a signed jersey and introduced him as a special friend when he FaceTimed his kids so they could virtually meet Suga.

Stephen Curry (left) and BTS’s Suga (right) | @yokomiyaji/Twitter

Stephen Curry also gifted the BTS member a pair of Curry 10 sneakers that were worn during the game.

While at the game, Suga also met Olympic Japanese tennis star Naomi Osaka, who is known to be a major fan of the K-Pop group.

In her short exchange with Suga, she heartwarmingly told him she loved BTS’s song “Autumn Leaves,” which was co-composed by Suga.

A huge smile was seen on the BTS member’s face throughout the game, as he’s known to love playing and watching basketball.

His stage name, Suga, comes from “shooting guard,” which was the basketball position he played when he was in school.

BTS’s Suga (number 29) playing basketball during the 2015 Idol Star Athletics Championships

While Suga was on the sidelines, eagle-eyed fans noticed an adorable moment when the BTS member became fully immersed in the game.

When a player was seen traveling, meaning they took too many steps without dribbling the ball, Suga hilariously called the violation from the sidelines, rotating his hands as a referee would to signal a player was traveling.

The adorable moment gained traction with ARMYs, who loved seeing how enthusiastic and happy Suga was at the NBA game.

Along with his many talents like songwriting, rapping, producing, and dancing, Suga can add “referee” to his long list of skills.

Check out the article below for more details about Suga’s time at the NBA game!

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