BTS’s Suga Has The Best Reaction To Receiving Compliments From ARMYs During His Recent Live Broadcast

His response reflects his personality!

When it comes to idols who are seen as more shy and reserved, BTS‘s Suga is definitely one of those people. On stage, Suga is a strong and powerful performer but in real life, he’s much calmer than the other members and it’s something ARMYs love about him.

BTS’s Suga | @bts_twt/Twitter

With his personality, it means that when he reacts to things said by ARMYs, it is even cuter. In particular, it is extra adorable when Suga reacts to compliments from fans even though he more than deserves the praise and love.

Even V revealed that Suga responds to compliments from the members by ignoring them or pretending he didn’t hear them.

Recently, that was on show when Suga surprised fans with a live broadcast to talk all about his newest track “That That” with PSY. During the broadcast, Suga spoke about everything from using Instagram, Jungkook‘s reaction to the song, and much more.


As expected, ARMYs wanted to praise Suga for the track. In particular, netizens were obsessed with Suga’s dancing in the song, especially considering that he wasn’t even meant to be in the video to start with.

| psyofficial/YouTube
| psyofficial/YouTube 

During the broadcast, one ARMY messaged the chat and said that the dance was very powerful throughout the song. Suga quickly thanked the fan and had a huge smile on his face…

But he quickly seemed to change the subject by explaining that he didn’t know that he’d be dancing in the first place.


After looking through some more comments, which netizens claimed were full of “Marry me, Yoongi,” Suga read another compliment in adorable English. The idol shared one ARMY comment that said, “Looking so fine today.”


Rather than accept the compliment (because he looked fine AF), Suga seemed to find an excuse to say that it wasn’t because of his visuals but because he’d had a schedule that day and had his makeup and hair done.


After watching the broadcast, netizens couldn’t get enough of Suga’s reactions to the compliments.

Although Suga might have put down his visuals to having a schedule and explained that he didn’t know about the dance, ARMYs will never stop complimenting the idol. The fact he always gets so shy whenever it happens showcases how humble he is.

You can read more from the broadcast below.

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