BTS’s V Reveals How Each Member Reacts To Compliments

He imitated their reactions perfectly.

has proved, once again, that nobody knows BTS better than they know themselves.

While sharing a meal backstage with J-Hope and Jin, V revealed that no two BTS members react the same way to compliments.

Some take praise in stride, others become bashful, but all the members’ distinctly different personalities shine through their reactions.

According to V, J-Hope’s response is casual. When someone compliments him, J-Hope happily says, “Oh, really? Thank you,” but he doesn’t make a big fuss.

V said that RM reacts with a funny facial expression rather than words. This spot-on imitation made J-Hope laugh out loud…

…but RM didn’t deny it. “He wrinkles his face because he’s shy,” J-Hope added. Compliments can make anyone, even the very deserving RM, feel a little awkward!

How does Jimin react? In a sweet, humble way. If someone were to tell Jimin that he’s cool, Jimin would compliment them right back by saying, “No, you’re even cooler.” 

As for Suga, he totally ignores compliments by scrolling through his phone.

Why? V didn’t elaborate, but Suga might ignore his members’ compliments because he’s shy…or simply because he can.

Unlike Suga, Jin loves compliments. When someone compliments him, he says, “Oh thank you, thank you!” 

The only members V didn’t describe were himself and Jungkook, but fans know one thing for sure; they deserve all the praise in the world!

Watch the clip here: