BTS’s Suga Gives RM The “Hot Body Award” And Honestly, Same

He gave a very relatable explanation!

BTS‘s Suga is saying what we’re all thinking when it comes to RM!

For their 2021 BTS FESTA profile, the members decided to give each other awards for various achievements and character traits, including their kind personalities, comedic talents, and more.

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However, Suga’s award for RM made fans both laugh and wholeheartedly agree with everything he said!

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Hot Body Award.

These days he has a very hot body so I’m giving him this award.

— Suga

It seems he struck a nerve with ARMYs! The phrase “HOT BODY AWARD” began trending on Twitter with over 20K tweets…

…and everyone could agree: RM most definitely deserves the title!

RM’s physical changes throughout the years are definitely impressive!

However, each BTS member possesses their own “hot body.”

If it was up to ARMY’s, everyone would get their own award!

Check out the proof below that every member is doing their fair share of bulking up!

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