BTS Won’t Stop Teasing Suga About Being His Latest Hobbies In The New “Run BTS!” 

They’re so extra for this. 🤣

As their seemingly stoic hyung, there’s nothing the BTS members enjoy more than teasing Suga!

They ceased their opportunity during the latest episode of Run BTS! where the members revealed that Suga’s been working out recently. However, it didn’t take long for them to push the joke further like they always do!

JH: “Suga’s been working out these days, too.”

RM: “He does 3 different types of exercise a day.”

Jin exposed Suga’s knack for wrestling…

…and Suga needed a moment!

No. Be quiet, be quiet!

— Suga

The more Suga denied the sports he does, the more the members pushed for it.

He even does wrestling, kickboxing, and jujutsu.

— RM

Jin continued to explain why Suga was suited for the games they played during the episode by all of the sports he totally “tried” before!

He’s good at volleyball because he’s been wrestling these days.

— Jin

With each outrageous sport he suggest, Suga denied it.

JN: “He’s good at volleyball because he did some paragliding.”

SG: “What do you mean paragliding?”

Last but not least, when Suga dived during a game of volleyball, his skills could only be accredited to yet another random sport.

He’s kind of good because he does long jump these days!

— Jin

We hope this hilarious meme sticks around just like “Yoongi, marry me!” Check out more funny moments below.

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