BTS’s Suga Shows Off The Prototype For Agust D’s Scars

The original scars brought something extra to his character.

BTS‘s Suga came back with a memorable new look for D-2, but the final product is slightly different than the prototype.

In Agust D‘s “Daechwita”, both the mad king and the modern Agust D have a scar, with slight variations. Fans have pointed out that the king’s scar appears fresher than his rival’s in some scenes. Other than that, the scars are nearly identical.

Although ARMY brainstormed many intriguing theories about the scar, Suga has confirmed that it was an aesthetic rather than a symbolic choice. On May 27, the same day BangtanTV posted this interview, Suga shared photos of what his scars originally looked like.

“From the time when we first tried out the scar,” he wrote on Twitter. In addition to an eye scar, Agust D had a slash across his nose, which is reminding some fans of the past.

Look closely and think back to 2016. Does this seem familiar?

In the first half of Agust D’s “give it to me” music video, he has very similar cuts on his nose bridge and cheekbone.

Coincidence or not? What’s your theory?