BTS’s Suga Explains Why Idols Should Be Good To Their Fans — And It Might Bring Tears To ARMY’s Eyes

So many emotions. 😭💜

BTS‘s Suga just got deep with SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi on the latest episode of his drinking show, Suchwita. Feeling like he only has a designated time window to promote as part of SEVENTEEN and be with fans, Hoshi’s concerns were eased by Suga’s wise advise.

I met someone a while ago and talked to them about this exact same thing. He said to me, ‘When you get back together, what do you think will be different?’

— Suga

He explained that being a singer is just as much about creating memories as it is about making and performing music.

Of course, we may not be as hot. We can’t draw a lot of attention every single time, but when we do come back, people will remember those memories and come back to us.

— Suga

Suga revealed he used to be anxious thinking about the future, but in doing that, you’ll lose out on the present moment.

He knows that being a devoted fan is not always easy. In fact, unconditional love can be extremely difficult.

Loving someone unconditionally is one of the hardest things to do.

— Suga

Because he knows how hard it is, he understands he needs to do what he can to repay fans for their efforts.

And so for the people who loves us, we really have to well. And we need to come back as an entire team as soon as we can.

— Suga

In order to you know, [be a fan of] someone, it has to be fun. We have a responsibility to make sure they have lots of fun and enjoy however we can. I think that’s our mission now.

— Suga

At this point in their careers, it’s no longer about achieving results. The true meaning comes from the special bond and memories they create with fans.

It’s not about becoming more successful or about better results. Now, the fans try so hard to make that happen, we should feel grateful for that and make a lot of memories with them.

— Suga

The precious bonds of ARMY and BTS, and CARAT and SEVENTEEN, will always be treasured by both the artists and their fans!

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