Is SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi As Scary In The Practice Room As BTS’s J-Hope? Suga Asks The Burning Question

Our dance kings! 🔥

BTS‘s Suga recently invited SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi on the latest episode of his drinking show, Suchwita. Quickly cultivating a strong friendship, ARMYCARATS are living for their interactions!

BTS’s Suga (left) and SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi (right)

One of the many topics they touched upon is Hoshi’s love for dance. As SEVENTEEN’s performance team leader, even Suga knows that “Hoshi = choreography.”

Of course, that reminds Suga of J-Hope! Known as BTS’s dance team leader, the terms “dance” and “J-Hope” are inseparable. To Suga, both members of their respective groups are the representatives of dance.

BTS has J-Hope and SEVENTEEN has Hoshi.

— Suga

When watching both of them perform, their passion, talent, and charisma is apparent from the moment they step on stage, making them some of the best and most notable dancers in the K-Pop scene today.

Suga pointed out how serious J-Hope is about dance practice in a story ARMYs know all too well!

When I mess up, I go like this. *Timid expression* I look at him like this!

— Suga

And if our eyes meet, I feel so small. ‘I’m sorry.’ I say, ‘I’m sorry, I’ll do better!’ *bows*

— J-Hope

As fans know, J-Hope watches everything with a keen eye and picks up on even the smallest mistakes.

Curious about SEVENTEEN’s situation, Suga asked Hoshi if his members are also a little bit scared of him in the practice room…but his cute answer didn’t convey the same emotion!

I think they’re a little wary of me…

— Hoshi

While Suga heard that S.Coups is a little wary of Hoshi, there is one member that Hoshi could name confidently.

The8 is also a great dancer, but due to his nature of wanting to dance freely, he can be a bit wary of Hoshi!

He likes to dance freestyle. But there are 13 of us and we have formations to follow and a certain choreography. So if he makes a little mistake, he looks at me warily.

— Hoshi

It seems Hoshi and J-Hope both have their own styles when it comes to dance practice…

…and they are both undeniably some of the best at what they do!

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