BTS’s Suga Creates A Unit Name For Him And SEVENTEEN’s Woozi

Suga already has a few plans laid out for them.

SEVENTEEN‘s Woozi was the next guest to appear on BTS‘s Suga‘s Suchwita, where the two idol producers bonded so well that they created a unit name for any future collaborations.

Woozi and Suga. | @woozi_universefactory/Instagram

Because the two genius producers would be an unstoppable combination, Suga suggested, “But I think it’ll be fun if you and I do a collab.” Woozi immediately agreed, “I’d love that.

Suga confirmed that he’s “always open to projects” and even created a unit name for him and Woozi that referenced them being lookalikes. He made Woozi laugh by saying, “Maybe our group name could be Brothers.

Woozi approved the idea. He responded, “That sounds great. I have a few things that come to mind that would be really cool if I do them with you.

Since they have shared experience as producers, Suga suggested that he and Woozi could collaborate on a song that’s already a work in progress.

And if you have any tracks you’re not using, I could use them. I think that’s better than going, ‘Let’s do a collab!’ It’s more natural that way.

— Suga

See Suga and Woozi agree to collaborate and lay out a few plans for the future.

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