Finally, “Doppelgangers” BTS’s Suga And SEVENTEEN’s Woozi Give Their Thoughts On Being Look-Alikes

We had to wait until 2023 for this!

On the newest episode of Suchwita, BTS‘s Suga brought out a long-awaited guest.

I’m sure so many people are looking forward to seeing this two-shot.

— Suga

If you have been a fan of K-Pop for a few years, you would know he’s talking about none other than SEVENTEEN‘s Woozi!

Ever since SEVENTEEN’s debut in 2015, K-Pop fans have been convinced that Woozi and Suga look so similar, they could be brothers.

Woozi (Left) and Suga (Right)

Previously, the two were known for experimenting with bold and vibrant hair colors like pink and mint green. Aside from this, they both have small and cute heights and are known for their astounding producing abilities.

Woozi (Left) and Suga (Right)

However, the main reason they look similar is of course, the fact that they have similar facial features!

Suga (Left) and Woozi (Right)

After fellow SEVENTEEN member Hoshi spent some time on the show, it’s now Woozi’s turn!

He entered with gifts for Suga and also brought along his own choice of non-alcoholic drink.

Immediately, the two had to address the elephant in the room — They are basically doppelgangers!

My members kept asking me who the next guest on Suchwita was so when I told them it was you, Woozi, RM said ‘Won’t you die if you two meet?’ I asked why, and he said ‘You two are doppelgangers, aren’t you?’ If one of us collapses during the shoot…* [*Urban legend: When doppelgangers meet, one is said to die.]

— Suga

Playing up their similar visuals, Suga even made sure both himself and Woozi had similarly styled hair when doing the “Haegum” TikTok challenge video together.

Suga compared Woozi to feeling like a younger brother or even like looking in the mirror at his younger self!

Althought I don’t have a younger brother, he’s like a younger brother. I feel like I’m looking into a mirror. I can see myself in you when I was around 16 or 17.

— Suga

It turns out this wholesome duo has more chemistry than just looking alike!

| @BTS_bighit/Twitter

Check out the full episode below.

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