BTS’s Suga Seemingly Throws Shade At The 2022 GRAMMYs During Live Broadcast

ARMYs stan an honest King!

On April 3 (PST), BTS attended the 2022 GRAMMYs in Las Vegas. ARMYs worldwide were both excited and apprehensive about their appearance because, although they couldn’t wait for the performance, many were worried about the group being snubbed like last year.

From the minute the group stepped onto the red carpet, they stole the show…

BTS | 64th Grammy Awards

Even when they started performing their hit track “Butter,” people couldn’t stop talking about BTS…

And the event almost became a mini fanmeeting with celebrities wanting the meet the members.

| CBS/ Twitter 

Unfortunately, BTS didn’t win the award for “Best Pop Duo/Group,” and it left a very sour taste in ARMYs’ mouths, with many voicing their anger at the treatment of BTS during the ceremony.

Yet, it seems as if the members of BTS also had their own views of what happened during the event. In particular, member Suga gained attention for his sassy shading of the show during a live broadcast after the event.

BTS’s Suga | @agustd/ Instagram

During the live broadcast, the members discussed everything from their feelings after the event, marriage proposals, and the hardships they suffered ahead of the event.


In particular, they were discussing their time in Las Vegas. Suga seemingly shaded the GRAMMYs as he explained that the event wasn’t even close to being the reason for them being there.

Of course, Suga was speaking about the PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LAS VEGAS shows, and he explained that the awards show was just a stop-off.

But weren’t we just stopping by at the GRAMMYs when we came here only to do a concert?

— Suga


Although Jimin tried to make a joke of it by saying, “Uh, no, it wasn’t!” Suga seemed to stick by his words and even added, “We worked too hard <for the grammys> to say that!


RM then got in on the joke and explained that they basically just dropped by at the GRAMMYs and decided to have numerous costume changes.

Did we just stop by and change our clothes about 1000 times? Louis Vuitton sent us clothes just so that we can stop by *laughs*

— RM


When the broadcast finished and netizens realized what Suga had said, they praised the rapper for his no-nonsense approach to what had just happened.

Since it was announced that BTS would appear at the event, ARMYs had shared their worry about the group being used for publicity but were not given the respect and recognition they deserved when it came to the awards.

As always, the members were not afraid to speak their minds. ARMYs applauded all the members for their honesty on not winning. In particular, RM shared their feelings.

I’m not too happy about it and that’s the truth. I think it’s good to be honest. I’ll be sad today, but I’m going to be okay tomorrow. Tonight, we’re going to have our feelings. And then, by tomorrow, we’ll feel better and we’ll be right back at it.

— RM


Although it might not have been the best outcome for BTS and ARMYs, the main reason for Las Vegas was the tour, and it will definitely put a smile on everyone’s face.

You can read more from the live broadcast below.

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Source: BTS/ VLIVE

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