BTS’s Suga Shares Childhood Story Involving His One True Obsession

“My hands would turn yellow…”

BTS member Suga has some specific personality traits that have become so integrally associated with him that now, to fans, they are synonymous with the rapper.

| @agustd/Instagram

Apart from being a talented artist, rapper, producer, and performer, the man is also endearingly known by fans for his likeness to cats. Even his co-members often refer to him as a cat, thanks to the visual and behavioral similarities.

The second most common association made with the rapper is his love for tangerines. Over the course of the past few years, ARMYs have learned that Suga takes his citruses seriously. The fruits even had their own whole scene in the “Haegeum” music video, where Agust D can be seen running away in glee with a packet full of tangerines!

In a recent interview with Suga, JoJo Wright of 102.7 KIIS FM brought up that scene, asking him if he is really “obsessed” with tangerines as much as fans think. Suga replied that he, indeed, has been a fan of the fruit since his childhood.

In fact, Suga shared that both he and his brother are so fond of tangerines that, as kids, they would finish one entire box in two to three days. During winter, his hands would turn yellow from eating so many of them!

He added that his love for the fruit still persists. Though the season for tangerines is over in Korea, he had his fill on a set while shooting a video recently.

Suga, a man of many identities: a rapper, an idol, a producer, and a tangerine-loving cat. Now that’s an autobiography title idea if anyone’s looking for it.