BTS’s Suga Shares Exclusive Behind Story Of His New Single, But IU Has A Complaint

“👍🏽” just got a new meaning.

On April 10, only a few days after the release of BTS Suga‘s track “People Pt @” featuring IU, the two were spotted together at IU’s YouTube talk show IU’s Palette.

| @dlwlrma/YouTube

As a guest on the show, Suga revealed some interesting behind stories of his upcoming album D-Day and his collaborations with IU. While talking about “People Pt 2,” Suga shockingly revealed that IU was not the only singer he considered to feature in the song. His co-member Jungkook was the other choice.

Back in March, when Suga released his photo folio, fans detected Jungkook’s voice in an unreleased song playing in the background of a behind-the-scenes video from the photoshoot. In this episode of IU’s Palette, Suga confirmed that it was the demo of “People Pt 2,” and he was divided on whether to feature Jungkook on the original song as well.

IU looked taken aback at this revelation, but her complaint regarding the song was about something else. She shared that they recorded their parts separately and after sending her recording to Suga, she was worried that he didn’t like her rendition. He quickly replied that he was very satisfied with her verse and even clapped by himself after hearing her recording.

IU then playfully teased Suga, asking him to be more expressive. It turns out the rapper sent her just a thumbs-up emoji as a response, which made IU worry that he was not satisfied with her work. Suga sheepishly responded that it was the highest compliment in his books!

I clapped but when replying to your text, I tried to calm myself down.


It looks like the dynamic of this ’93 liner duo is much more chaotic than fans knew!

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