BTS’s Suga Reveals The Surprising Thing He Can’t Do Since His Surgery…And It’s Not What You Think

Luckily, he doesn’t need this!

During the latest online broadcast, BTS‘s Suga updated fans on how he’s been feeling since his shoulder surgery.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

Physically, he’s doing great and demonstrated the large range of movement he has in his shoulder.

However, there’s one unexpected thing that has changed since his surgery! Suga reveals he can’t enjoy coffee anymore since he’s sensitive to caffeine.

After the surgery, I stopped drinking coffee for a while.

— Suga

By the time Suga had waited a few weeks after the surgery and tried coffee again, the caffeine was way too intense for him.

I tried it, and it made my heart beat too fast. I felt nauseated. It went on the entire day.

— Suga

Even now when he drinks tea, he opts for decaffeinated.

This is the opposite of J-Hope who said he can’t live without coffee nowadays. To each their own!

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