The Original Reason BTS’s Suga Started “Suchwita” Is Totally Different From What It Is Now

It completely changed!

BTS‘s Suga recently began his YouTube drinking show “Suchwita” where he brings on various guests and has deep conversations over their drink of choice.

From BTS members like RM to other iconic idols like BIGBANG‘s Taeyang, Suga has already had on all sorts of guests, despite only being a few episodes in! However, he recently revealed this wasn’t how the show was originally planned.

Suga and BIGBANG’s Taeyang

He updated fans on the filming process and how its gotten more intense than he originally planned.

I’m working extremely hard filming “Suchwita.” I started it very lighting but I’m more sincere about it than I thought.

— Suga

With “a lot of things to film,” it seems like his schedule for the show is completely booked!

When a fan asked him if he has fun on set, he revealed that he didn’t know it would turn into what it has become.

The original plan for the show was completely different. Made to give a spotlight to each BTS members’ solo releases, it would help give them more new content.

At first, the members… It was made to give new media to the members when they made their comeback.

— Suga

Clearly, it has completely veered from the original goal! With only one BTS member so far, he has had on a diverse collection of other celebrities and idols.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for the show!

Check out the latest update on the show below.

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