BTS’s Suga Invites SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi On His Drinking Show “Suchwita” — Here’s What We Can Expect

One word: Chaos!

BTS’s Suga just unveiled his latest guest on an upcoming episode his drinking show Suchwita (also known as Time to Drink with Suga). Though his identity is “concealed,” many fans can quickly tell it’s SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi!

As idols under subsidiaries of HYBEPLEDIS Entertainment and BIGHIT Music, the two of many things to share.

They even bond over various things about their jobs.

Suga: It’ll take 3-4 hours just for a fitting!

Hoshi: Exactly!

A friendship quickly began to grow between the two…

…as they spill the tea about anything and everything!

Get ready for their deep talks and insider perspectives of the idol industry…

…and also the creation of a new blossoming friendship.

Can I call you ‘hyung?’

— Hoshi

Adding alcohol into the mix, the end results are sure to be hilarious!

Watch the full teaser below.


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