BTS Suga’s Sudden Run-In With A Senior In A Restroom Turned Out Unexpectedly Wholesome

He revealed how the senior treated him as a rookie.

BTS member Suga recently shared a story of his sudden meeting with a popular singer inside a washroom and its unexpected aftermath.

Suga | @BTS/YouTube

The story, as Suga recalled, goes back several years, when BTS were still rookies. As many fans know already, BTS had quite an extensive struggle period after their debut, and were often at a disadvantage for belonging to a smaller company. When the members look back at that period, whether in interviews or in documentaries, they often mention how not having any industry seniors to seek help from was one of the most difficult aspects of their career back then.


But during this time, a senior artist seemed to have left some impact on Suga through their face-to-face interaction. So much so that he still remembers it all and shared it in the teaser of his YouTube show Suchwita. In the upcoming episode, the above-mentioned senior artist, CNBLUE’s Jung Yunghwa, will appear as a guest!

Jung yonhwa | @jyheffect0622/Instagram

CNBLUE is a popular pop-rock band that debuted in 2009. Jung is the band’s leader and main vocalist. He is also active as an actor and a TV personality. CNBLUE has enjoyed major and long-withstanding success in South Korea, and the three members renewed their contracts in 2020 after finishing their military services and have been active as a band again.

(From L to R) CNBLUE members Lee Jungshin, Jung Yonghwa, and Kang Minhyuk | @jyheffect0622/Instagram

The BTS member recollected meeting Jung in a restroom back in 2015 when the group was just starting out. However, Jung Yunghwa reassured Suga back then that BTS would “become even more successful” in the future. This supportive gesture touched the rapper quite deeply.

Yung responded by joking that he figured it out early that BTS would make it big in the future, and so he should get closer to them.

In fact, the teaser hinted that Jung Yunghwa is close to multiple BTS members. He mentioned that their friendship started when Jimin approached him, saying he was from Busan, the same place where Jung grew up.

Though just a sneak peek, the clips of Jung and Suga’s conversations on the show revealed that they are pretty close friends, something that most fans were unaware of so far.

The episode is scheduled to be aired on January 15, KST.