Being Gray In A World Of Black And White — BTS’s Suga And Epik High’s Tablo Share Wisdom On Extreme Opinions And Herd Mentality

Everyone needs to hear these wise words.

BTS‘s Suga just sat down with Epik High‘s Tablo for episode 5 of his YouTube show, Suchwita. The highly-anticipated episode was full of unique and exciting behind-the-stories about their lives.

BTS’s Suga and Epik High’s Tablo | @BTS_bighit/Twitter

One of the highlights of the episode, as well as one their deepest conversations, hit home for many people. It all began when Tablo discussed how Epik High’s third album Swan Songs was expected to be their last…

…but due to its success, it cemented a new beginning.

While Suga sited the album is being an inspiration to both himself and many other rappers, Tablo revealed the reception at the time was seemingly much different.

A lot of rappers say that, but also at the time, there were more naysayers.

— Tablo

These haters would criticize Epik High for sounding too “pop” or too “hip hop,” criticizing either style they implemented into their music.

If we did this, they would say it was that. If we did that, they would say it was this.

— Tablo

However, the issue goes far beyond music. This unfortunate behavior from many people speaks more about society and human behavior than it does about music genres.

Like I said before, people love to divide things up and label others.

— Tablo

Many people are quick to form extreme opinions and pick sides when in reality, many sensible answers appear in the “gray” area.

Some people are so extreme, thinking there’s only black and white. But a lot more people are different shades of gray.

— Suga

Those with extreme opinions make the most noise, giving off an impression that majority of people think this way, when in reality that couldn’t be further from the truth.

But since black and white have such strong opinions, people end up believing that’s the majority. They get the wrong idea.

— Suga

Suga used the example of Epik High’s haters, those who see in black and white, making the most noise about the album. Meanwhile, majority of people, those who see in shades of gray, appreciated various things about the album and enjoyed it.

Tablo further analyzed why some people choose to see in black and white by perpetuating extreme opinions and picking sides.

I think people believe that choosing a side makes them less lonely.

— Tablo

When a person picks a side and has an extreme opinion, they can attach it to their identity and feel a sense of purpose which helps them feel less lonely and feel like a part of something bigger. However, these radical beliefs are not the majority of people, and can often lead those in the middle feeling like there is no one else who thinks like they do, despite actually being the majority.

The gray area that you mentioned can be lonelier than you think. Because people there don’t really show off who they are. So if you’re there, it’s easy to think, ‘Am I the only one?,’ ‘Does no one else think the way I do?’ But the fact is, there are more people here (in gray).

— Tablo

Tablo encourages those in the gray area to not be afraid because there are many other people in life who also reside in a gray area.

So the one thing I can do for them is to say you’re not alone. And to not be afraid. That’s what I want to say.

— Tablo

Regardless of what the topic is, these wise words from Suga and Tablo can help many people feel less lonely about creating their own sensible opinions and not following a herd mentality mindset.

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