BTS’s Suga Spills On How He Really Feels About Touring As A Solo Artist

“I’ve been preparing for the tour for such a long time…”

BTS‘s Suga is currently on his SUGA | Agust D “D-DAY” TOUR IN US. While BTS has been touring for years, he is the first member to do so as a solo artist.

Suga | @bts_bighit/Twitter

Recently, Suga was featured as the cover model for Marie Claire Korea‘s special edition issue. He talked about his solo music and world tour.

Now, let’s talk about SUGA’s music. Your solo world tour is coming up soon. What direction or concept are you thinking?

Marie Claire Korea


Suga explained that he had prepared for his tour for so long but was not concerned about necessarily reaching his “full potential” as a solo artist. Instead, he simply wanted to pay ARMYs back as they awaited an OT7 tour.

I’ve been preparing for the tour for such a long time now that the expression ‘direction’ feels foreign to me. (laughs) My intention with this tour is not to realize my full potential nor to succeed as a solo artist. I think the current form of solo tour came about because it’s physically impossible for all 7 of us to perform together now, which would be ideal. Our fans have waited for a tour for such a long time, and I wanted to pay them back in a way.

— Suga

The interviewer was curious about the differences between touring as a member of BTS vs. touring as a solo artist. So, they asked, “You’ve already traveled the whole world as a member of BTS, but I assume a tour by yourself will feel a lot different.” Suga explained that without the members, he has even more responsibilities.

I focus even more on the live performance because other members’ weight is on my shoulders. I tend to forget lyrics sometimes. (laughs) So I’m trying my best to memorize them.

— Suga

Previously, BTS’s leader RM expressed gratitude to Suga for touring as a solo artist. Read more below.

Why BTS’s RM Feels Grateful To Suga For Embarking On A Solo Tour

Source: Marie Claire Korea


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