BTS’s Suga Didn’t Care About Cutting His Hair, But His Mom Had A Totally Different Opinion

Moms always know best! 😉

BTS‘s Suga knows how to rock the long hair trend!

Ever since he decided to grow out his hair, fans have grown extremely fond of the dreamy look.

Some of his most iconic looks feature his gorgeous, tousled hairstyle.

However, upon news that he unexpectedly cut it, fans asked why he decided to switch up his look.

Why did I cut my hair? I cut it because I just thought it was time to cut my hair. Even though I cut it, it’s still quite long so when I work out, I tie my hair up.

— Suga

It seems not that much has changed since it’s still long enough to require a hair elastic sometimes!

Suga shows off the hair elastic on his wrist.

Whether his hair is short or long, Suga revealed he doesn’t really have a preference himself — However, someone else very important has a much stronger opinion!

Actually, I don’t care about my hair length, but my mom really liked my long hair. She got upset when I cut it.

— Suga

The only thing he noted is that it’s more difficult to maintain when his hair is longer. For now, he’s keeping the stunning look!

In the end, it’s worth it for the versatile and trendy looks. It seems moms always know best!