BTS Suga’s Dog Holly Steals The Blankets From Him While They Sleep…And Suga Loves Every Minute Of It

It’s okay because he’s adorable! πŸ˜‚

If you’re vying for BTS Suga‘s love, you’ll need to get in line behind his precious pooch, Holly!

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Filling his Instagram with Holly’s photos, his adorable pup is the center of his attention and receives all his affection.

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Even celebrating his birthday with a cake and candles, this spoiled cutie is living the good life!

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Most recently, Suga returned home after BTS’s trip to Washington D.C. While trying to catch some rest with Holly, he encountered some difficulties — and loved every minute of it.

Ranking last in our family.

This is not a scarf but Holly.

Holly, why are you sleeping on top of me…

— Suga

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Not only did Holly use Suga as a pillow, he also hogged the blankets. However, Suga didn’t mind. In fact, he thought the whole ordeal was so cute that he took some photos and videos for ARMY to see!

Holly stole my blanket. Are you a person or a dog.. He’s even snoring.

— Suga

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Uploading a video of proof of his adorable pooch snoring, Holly is taking after his dad and knows how to get some well-deserved rest.

Sometimes I’m suspicious if you are actually a person

— Suga

Like father, like son!

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