BTS’s Suga Brings Out PSY’s Competitive Side During “That That”…And It Quickly Turns Into Regret

Challenge accepted! 😂

While practicing the iconic choreography of “That That” with PSY, it didn’t take long for BTS‘s Suga to realize he was in for more than her bargained for!

Along with the backup dancers, the two practiced for long hours…

…and perfected the intensive choreography.

Going over even the smallest details together, they did everything to perfect their performance.

When Suga questioned PSY, thinking he would film in pieces instead of one continuous shot, PSY immediately took it as a challenge!

You don’t think I have the stamina?


Instantly, his competitive side jumped out!

Be careful what you wish for, Suga!

At the end of the practice, Suga even compared the dance to BTS’s physically demanding choreography

It’s harder than our recent choreography.

— Suga

Exhausted at the end, Suga left knowing he had to come back and do it all again tomorrow!

In the end, Suga proved his dance prowess by mastering the dance faster than anyone. Check out more below!

BTS’s Suga Impresses Dancers By Learning PSY’s “That That” Dance Instantly