BTS-SuperM-BLACKPINK Are Targeting Global Audiences With Their Upcoming Album Releases

Fall 2020 is going to be epic.

Many idol groups with worldwide popularity and influence are preparing to make their comebacks this month all one week apart from one another, making August a busy month for K-Pop.

| SuperM, BTS, BLACKPINK/SM Entertainment, Big Hit Entertainment, YG Entertainment

Known as the ‘SM Avengers’, group SuperM will be starting off with their comeback on August 14 with their single 100. One week later, super group BTS will release their single Dynamite. Last but not least, girl group BLACKPINK will release their new single featuring Selena Gomez on August 28.

| SuperM/SM Entertainment

What’s different about these three groups is that they will not be releasing their single at the usual 6 PM KST time frame. They will instead release it at the 1 PM KST time frame in order to target a more global audience. By releasing at 1 PM KST, that will mean it will release at midnight in EST in the United States.

Another difference for these comebacks is that they will all be releasing a pre-release single before the actual album comeback later this fall.

| BTS/Big Hit Entertainment

SuperM will release their single Tiger Inside on September 1 ahead of their first full-length album comeback on September 25. BTS, although no exact dates have come out yet, will also be releasing a new album after the release of Dynamite in August. “A good song was created while preparing for our next album so we wanted to release it first and share it with our fans.”

BLACKPINK also released “How You Like That” back in June and will be releasing a second pre-release single on August 28 before their full-length album comeback this fall.


Not only are they making a comeback, but they will also be promoting in the global markets. SuperM, who topped the Billboard Main Album Chart Billboard 200 last year, will also be holding various global promotions with their upcoming album.

BLACKPINK has also reported that they will be targeting the global markets through proper planning and action.

BTS has already confirmed their first global promotion as they will be performing for the first time at the MTV Video Music Awards on August 31.

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