BTS Suspect J-Hope Has Picked Up A New Skill

They have a point…

Since the BTS members created their own individual Instagram accounts, one member has stood out for his overall aesthetic and activity.

It’s none other than J-Hope.

ARMYs agree that J-Hope’s Polaroid feed is outstanding and aesthetically pleasing.

| @uarmyhope/Instagram

It’s also not gone unnoticed that J-Hope is always the first to “like” his fellow members’ posts on Instagram. Even Jin and Suga have wondered if J-Hope lives in the app.

While J-Hope is a pro at Instagram now, his roommate is still trying to figure things out…

Jimin (left) and J-Hope (right).

RM addressed Jimin‘s inactivity on Instagram. This then sparked the members to recognize the most active Instagram-user.

From left: RM, Suga, and Jimin. | BTS/VLIVE

RM: They want you to tell your Instagram ID. Jimin, please start Instagram.

Jimin: Yes.

Suga: J-Hope was really good.

They admired not only J-Hope’s activeness but his aesthetic when posting. Jimin and RM added that J-Hope seems to have a concept with this feed rather than simply posting.


RM: He has a clear concept.

Suga: How do you call it? Decorating it?

RM: Decorating your feed?

Suga: Yes.

Jimin asked if J-Hope uses a setting when posting to get the aesthetic. Suga and RM explained that J-Hope uses his Polaroid camera for all his Instagram photos but does a simple edit first.

He crops the picture before he posts them. Yeah, he doesn’t post them like this. But just like this. I think there’s a way to do it. I’m not sure, to be honest. He knows a lot more than I do.

— RM


RM revealed that J-Hope might feel some stress from attempting to maintain his concept all of the time. Yet, Suga and Jimin added that it seems like J-Hope may be on Instagram “all day” since “he responds immediately” to other’ posts.


Suga: He’s on Instagram all day long.

RM: But he was regretting it a bit.

Suga: A little.

RM: He said he has to use Polaroids all the time now. So, I said he can stop using it now. He said he just started it…

Jimin: But he responds immediately.


RM had a logical explanation for J-Hope’s quickness with Instagram. He and Suga suspect that he has learned coding to “like” everyone’s posts instantly. This also has earned J-Hope a new nickname from the members: “machine.”


RM: He’s like a machine. That’s our nickname for him… I think he’s pressing on the “like” button with an AI. J-Hope must have learned programming so he can press “like” as soon as someone posts a picture.

Suga: Maybe he learned coding.

RM: I bet he learned coding.

Jimin, RM, and Suga agreed that it’s fun to look at J-Hope’s account. Still, they all find it difficult to be active on Instagram, so they admire him.

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